Honest Cultivation

My life as a free farmer


Initially, we only considered cultivating a small vegetable garden, solely for our family needs. However, as our garden was quite large and our friends and relatives praised our homegrown vegetables,

we decided to cultivate even more plants and establish a farm for this purpose.

We work in harmony with nature, do not subject ourselves to any form of certification

and do not accept any subsidies.

By adhering to our principals, we remain free and autonomous.

We accept and carry full responsibility for the integrity and quality of our food products.

The healthy interaction with our Earth is the core principal of Peter’s Land.

"It is our goal to leave behind a better planet than we found.

Of course, we don´t use unhealthy pesticides." 

We enrich our soil solely with compost from our,

vegetable scraps, and other healthy ingredients.
Our plants thrive outdoors as well as in our greenhouses.

Therefore, the rough climate of the "Waldviertel" can no longer affect our more weather sensitive vegetables.
We cultivate numerous plants and each year harvest, everything from the native parsnips to the–for the "Waldviertel" at least–very uncommon honeydew melons and the delicious pineapple tomato.

All the vegetable varieties we employ in our Peter’s Land products we cultivate on our farm in Amaliendorf.